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In the South End, there were two groups that were most socially vulnerable. The first group was households with children and limited English proficiency (r ≥ 0.747, P < 0.05). The second group was women who rent, have a medical illness, and no vehicle (r ≥ 0.873, P < 0.01). The South End has the third largest percentage of social isolation, low-to-no income, limited English proficiency, renters, medical illness, and lack of a vehicle. More than half the neighborhood was people of color. Census tract 711.01 within the South End had hot spots for lack of a vehicle, low-to-no income, and people with disabilities. This area includes the Boston Medical Center and Boston University Medical campuses, the Miranda-Creamer Building, the residential towers owned by the Boston Public Health Commission, and several MassHousing financed or subsidized housing for families, the elderly, and people with disabilities (Assessing Department, 2014; MassHousing, 2014; Rosso, 2012).