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In Allston/Brighton, the most vulnerable populations were older adults who have a disability (r = 0.821, P < 0.01); and people with disabilities and limited English proficiency who rent (r ≥ 0.731, P < 0.01).  There were four census tracts (4.01, 5.03, 5.04, 6.02) where the following social factors were concentrated: lack of vehicles, limited English proficiency, medical illness, renters, low-to-no income, and women. The Boston Housing Authority has four developments for people with low-income in those areas: John J. Carroll, for people who are older adults or have a disability; Washington Street, for families and people who are elderly or disabled; Commonwealth, predominantly for families with some units for people who are elderly or disabled; and Patricia White, for people who are elderly or disabled (Boston Housing Authority, 2014).